LvB Italia panels are available in 3 finishing classes, for a total of over 100 colors, as well as the possibility of covering our products with a fabric of your choice.

Category A – Convert

are 70 color variations in plain or melange colors in 100% recycled Green Fabrics polyester. They are the foundation of LvB Italia design and can satisfy virtually any color requirement.

Category B – special

In the specials we have two proposals, one with a warm, Nordic taste: Fenice. The other more technical, a softmelange of 3 intertwined threads: Mirage 7000.

FENICE: A very topical woolen cloth whose particular finish, obtained through a final stabilization treatment, gives a particularly soft, but very consistent hand, capable of achieving excellent resistance to pilling and abrasion. 35 colors available.

MIRAGE 7000: The peculiarity of this innovative product is the elegant weaving obtained by intertwining three different yarns, one of which is specially made to give a soft melange effect in combination with a particular dyeing technique. The interweaving of compact and resistant yarns at the same time gives structure and softness, shine with brilliant shades. Available in 24 colors.