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Colleagues having conversations or talking on the phone, conference rooms or offices with no soundproofing, shared areas and open-plan spaces: did you know that the main cause of distraction, lack of concentration and stress at the office is environmental noise?

Working in a low-noise, quiet and peaceful environment boosts productivity and serenity> : to achieve this, all you have to do is install sound-absorbing office panels.

And this is what we do at LvB Italia !

We will transform your office

Often, the problem of reverberation is more evident in open-plan offices, without dividing walls, and where a number of people share the workspace.

Sound-absorbing panels for open-plan spaces

Our sound-absorbing panels have the twofold function of promoting acoustic comfort in an environment and organizing the space at the same time, by creating portable partitions. In these cases, we recommend the Opera Overture and Concerto sound-absorbing panels. They are easy to move and set up and also allow you to also create individual workstations.

Sound-absorbing panels for conference rooms

Instead, for conference rooms or classrooms, we recommend wall or ceiling sound-absorbing panels that can also be integrated with lights, speakers and fragrance diffusers to enhance environmental comfort and create a multisensory experience.

Some examples of sound-absorbing panels for conference rooms found in our catalog are: Croma, Melodia, Ottava, Sonata, Quartetto and Variazione.

Sound-absorbing office panels

For desk groupings or call centers, where employees spend a great deal of time on the phone, we have designed Operetta, a line of sound-absorbing panels that can be mounted directly on the desk. And if you’re looking for an almost invisible solution, there’s Preludio: ceiling mounted sound-absorbing office panels in the form of baffles that can also be integrated with an LED lighting system to transform them into the Preludio Notturno.

Your office: your company identity even on your sound-absorbing panels!

Open-plan spaces, conference rooms, common areas, individual offices: LvB sound-absorbing office panels adapt to any need, style and environment because you can customize them any way you want!

Our panels can be easily customized: you can choose the size, thickness, shape, finishing, accessories and color. To integrate them even more into your office environments, they can be enhanced with high-resolution printing or with different colors, textures and company logos.

Do you want to improve productivity in your office?