Acoustic comfort

Sound can have a significant impact on well-being

The first question that we want to answer is: what is acoustic comfort?

Acoustic comfort is a condition in which a person, who is in a sound field, is not disturbed during an activity, both physically and mentally.

In a very noisy setting, where several people are talking loudly, there are environmental noises, some of which are of high intensity, or sounds can be heard from outside, we are not in a condition of acoustic comfort.

The acoustic comfort of environments should not be confused with absolute silence: in fact, even this situation can cause an uneasy feeling due to the total absence of noise.

The acoustic comfort of a room is ensured by 2 main factors: isolation from external noises and the adoption of an internal acoustic plan of an environment to reduce or eliminate reverberation.

At LvB Italia, we specialize in dealing with the latter factor. Thanks to sound-absorbing panels, you can achieve acoustic comfort in any enclosed environment, like an office, restaurant, bar, cafe or conference room.

How do we achieve acoustic comfort in enclosed environments?

Every area of a building has certain acoustic requirements: at LvB Italia, we create customized projects to completely eliminate disturbances caused by reverberation.

The characteristics that define the acoustic comfort of a restaurant, for example, are different from those of an office. This is obviously because the two environments do not have the same types of noises, they are built with different materials, furnished appropriately according to their function and, most importantly, have different objectives.

For this reason, after a careful acoustic analysis, our technical staff draws up a customized plan of the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the environment where the problem of reverberation is to be resolved.

This is where you come in! After determining the quantity of sound-absorbing material that needs to be installed to achieve acoustic comfort in an office or restaurant, you can choose from the models available in our catalog or create your customized sound-absorbing panels. You select the colors, fabric, thickness, shapes and accessories to integrate into our products, for example:

  • speakers to amplify music or the voices of speakers in a conference room;
  • LED lights to give a dual-purpose to the sound-absorbing panels ;
  • fragrance diffusers to create total environmental comfort.

Work with us to achieve the ideal acoustic comfort for your environments: contact us for a free consultation!