Sound absorption coefficients

Eliminate acoustic disturbances caused by reverberation

In enclosed settings where there is noise, like, for example, a restaurant, office or conference room, to name a few, the phenomenon of reverberation can occur.

This acoustic disturbance is caused by the reflection of sounds on the various surfaces present inside an enclosed environment. Rigid building materials such as glass, or concrete floors and walls, reflect sound waves which increase their propagation and, consequently, the reverberation time.

To solve this problem, which can be a disruptive factor, for example, in a restaurant, and can negatively affect concentration (like background noise in open-space offices), it is necessary to introduce materials into these environments that have the capacity to absorb sound waves, like those used in our sound-absorbing panels.

What is the sound absorption coefficient?

The absorption coefficient is the ratio of absorbed energy to incident energy on a material. It is expressed as a value between 0 and 1 which defines the capacity of a material to absorb sound waves: the closer the sound absorption values of a material are to 1, the higher its sound absorption capacity.

Every material has its absorption coefficient

As previously mentioned, the most common materials used for the structure of a building and its furnishings are: cement, glass, wood, rigid plastic, metals, etc.

All of these materials have sound absorption values close to or equal to 0, which means that sounds are totally reflected by these surfaces. To eliminate the problem of reverberation, it is necessary to install sound-absorbing materials.

LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels are made of recycled PET fibers that, thanks to their high sound-absorbing capacity, guarantee the reduction of the reverberation time within any environment. The internal arrangement of the fibers and their density allows the absorption of sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off other surfaces and generating background noise.

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