Acoustic designs
for offices

Sound absorption to improve concentration

Glass, concrete, laminate flooring: in an office these are the materials most commonly used and valued for their aesthetic impact.

Office acoustics strongly depend on the construction materials and furnishings in these spaces. The presence of sound reflecting surfaces, in fact, increases the diffusion and perception of background noises, negatively impacting concentration and productivity.

Conversations or telephone calls are just some of the factors affecting the acoustic comfort of an office. In these environments, reverberation is also caused by ambient noises, like footsteps and sounds from office equipment and installations (various types of machines, PCs, printers, air conditioning, heating systems, etc…).

Office acoustics: when is it necessary to take action?

Working in a noisy, acoustically uncomfortable environment can have a negative impact on concentration and well-being. Therefore, it is best to intervene as soon as environmental noise begins to be perceived as an annoyance.

In most cases, reverberation is a problem perceived only after the completion of construction or reorganization of an office. For this reason, LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels are designed and manufactured to be perfectly integrated even into existing buildings and completed structures.

After an initial assessment of the spaces and materials, our technicians will determine the amount of sound-absorbing material necessary to achieve a sustainable and comfortable acoustic level in the office.

In addition to offering a permanent solution to the problem of reverberation, our sound-absorbing panels improve the aesthetic impact of offices and conference rooms. You can choose the shapes, thicknesses, sizes, cladding and custom features of our products, for example, the integration of LED lights, speakers or fragrance diffusers.

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