Sound absorbing panels with fragrance diffuser

Comfort is not just acoustic

Hearing is important, but smell also deserves attention. For this reason we have decided to include the products designed by our partner Oikos Fragrances in the LvB Italia panels.

Fragrance diffusers integrated in the sound-absorbing panels

The ability to turn on and off with a simple command, manual or remote and the total absence of solvents or fumes make this technology innovative compared to methods based on vaporization, nebulization and combustion.

In other words, it constitutes a new generation of room diffusers totally different from the means used up to now, such as candles (combustion), spray (nebulization), sticks (evaporation by capillarity), gel (spontaneous evaporation), and so on.

What does the patented SFR technology consist of?

The patented technology SFR (Solid Fragrance Release) allows the use of fragrances, perfumes and olfactory notes that are also directly activated in the solid state.

This solid state activation allows diffusion into the environment by simple ventilation. The system prepared by Oikos Fragrances for LvB Italia panels guarantees qualitative, aesthetic and functional characteristics that are clearly superior to traditional processes of nebulization, heating or evaporation of perfumes in the liquid phase.

What are the benefits?

The advantages can be summarized in several points:


The diffusion of fragrances, perfumes or olfactory notes, such as essential oils, takes place in a totally natural way, in a pure state, without the use of solvents, thus ensuring a non-invasive, safe and therefore usable diffusion in any room of the house. office, hotel, or private and / or public place.

High perceptual quality

The specific olfactory qualities of the individual fragrances, perfumes and odorous notes and their composition do not change with the passage of time. The olfactory perception, as well as the signals for the receptors present in the nose, remain unchanged and constant for the entire duration of the perfumed refill.

Space / time control

Diffusion is homogeneous within the coverage space of the diffusion system (olfactory island), without generating areas of high concentration, which in addition to being invasive, cause a difference in the perception of the note itself.

Practicality of use

The diffuser can be controlled either simply manually or with the most sophisticated remote management systems. It is possible to obtain olfactory direction effects (multiplicity of signals) of high quality depth without necessarily having to requalify the ambient air from time to time.

The fragrance diffusers can be inserted in the ceiling or wall panels (with special spacers) with dimensions greater than 60×60 cm.

With fragrance diffuser

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