Square sound-absorbing panels

The elimination of reverberation, made easy

Simple, elegant, functional and versatile: the square sound-absorbing panels are the preferred solution of our LvB customers.

Thanks to their geometric lines, they adapt perfectly to any environment, from restaurant dining rooms, to hotel lobbies, to conference rooms and open-plan office spaces.

Hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, the square sound-absorbing panels guarantee acoustic and aesthetic comfort in the environments where they are installed.

Like all LvB Italia products, they can be customized in the size and fabrics of your choice, can also be fitted with accessories that will transform your sound-absorbing panels into light fixtures, speakers and fragrance diffusers.

Here is our selection of square sound-absorbing panels:

  • Square or rectangular sound-absorbing panels that can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, using adjustable steel cables to create an interplay of varying heights and depths;
  • A green sound-absorbing panel, made with stabilized moss to give a natural touch to internal spaces while improving acoustic performance and environmental well-being;
  • Cromo Lightweight sound-absorbing panels that are easy to install and also perfect for transparent surfaces in any environment.

Discover all the LvB sound-absorbing panels and choose your favorite!

Square panels

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