Sound-absorbing panels
for restaurants

Imagine yourself seated at a table in your favorite restaurant enjoying a meal with friends, but during the evening, the place begins to fill with customers and becomes very busy.

As the background noise levels increase, patrons raise their voices and the sound reverberation continues to grow. At the end of the evening you won’t remember the friendly staff, the delicious dishes or the beautiful decor, just the bad headache caused by the noise.

According to the Speak Easy survey: Hearing the views of your customers, conducted by AOHL UK, 62% of your customers will not return to your venue if they consider it to be noisy.

When rating your restaurant, acoustic comfort is of primary importance. In fact, background noise, can disturb the meal, ruin the dining experience and, worst of all, cause you to lose customers.

To resolve the problem of reverberation, LvB Italia designs acoustic solutions for restaurants.

An acoustic solution for restaurants: for five-star evenings

In the same way that every kitchen has its own distinctive character and menu, the restaurant dining area has characteristics that affect acoustics. The presence of sound-reflecting surfaces and room size, for example, are among the prime causes of reverberation. This annoying problem can be easily resolved with the installation of sound-absorbing panels for restaurants to improve the guest experience and the working environment of the dining room staff.

Sound-absorbing panels for pizzerias and restaurants: shape your own style

LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels are innovative. They not only solve the problem of reverberation, but they also decorate, enhance and add a touch of personality to your space.

We have developed completely customizable solutions, in many different sizes and shapes. You can choose formats and colors so the panels will perfectly match your restaurant’s style and become virtually invisible. For example:

  • Ceiling panels that are transformed into decorative lighting fixtures, with the addition of adjustable-color and dimmable LED lights
  • Wall models that turn into invisible speakers, to diffuse music in the room, or art panels thanks to the option of printing any high-resolution graphic or image of your choice
  • Sound-absorbing panels on wheels, to create reserved rooms for special occasions

With the installation and use of sound-absorbing panels in pizzerias and restaurants, your customers will be able to spend an enjoyable evening in good company, with no noise interference!