Sound absorbing panels with sound box

Making sounds so as not to hear noises, possible?

Some noises that can annoy you or take your concentration away cannot be eliminated by simply inserting sound-absorbing material.

Machinery fans that turn on to regulate temperature, traffic, ambient noise from nearby rooms, can distract you even in an acoustically comfortable environment.

Acoustic speakers integrated into the sound-absorbing panels

This is why we decided to insert small loudspeakers (40×20 cm) that can be managed via bluetooth to introduce sounds into the environment that can mask these noises. Natural noises or music (without speech though!) Can be a good choice to cover these sources of disturbance.

And if during the coffee break you want to listen to some music at full volume, don’t worry! The speakers inserted in the panels specially designed by Micro Audio Technologies for the LvB Italia panels are also highly performing as musical amplifiers, speakers for videoconferences or for face-to-face conferences.

The bluetooth loudspeakers can be inserted in the ceiling or wall panels (with special spacers) with dimensions greater than 60×60 cm.

With sound box

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