Noise assessment

What do we mean by noise assessment?

An environmental noise impact assessment is a measurement to determine whether a new structure respects the noise immission and emission limits in a given area and must be conducted by a qualified environmental acoustic technician.

In simple terms, this type of assessment indicates the potential “acoustic disturbance” of a structure to surrounding buildings and residences.

When is a noise impact assessment necessary?

A noise assessment is not mandatory for all structures. Owners of cafes, bars, hotels, gyms, hair salons, etc., for example, are not required to request it. However, it is mandatory for all activities that can cause noise in accordance with article 8, paragraph 2 of the “Legge Quadro sull’inquinamento acustico” (Framework Law on Noise Pollution).

Nevertheless, construction work on buildings, new or existing, must be planned and carried out while giving serious consideration to the acoustic impact both outside and inside the structure. Fortunately, there has been increasing awareness of the significant impact of environmental noise on the well-being of humans.

Noise assessment according to LvB Italia

The environmental noise impact is a fundamental variable for environmental comfort.

In places where background noise and reverberation times are high, for example, in a conference room, restaurant, office or call center, the resulting discomfort can have psychological consequences, leading to tiredness and stress for those working or spending time there.

At LvB Italia we perform the noise impact assessment using dedicated internal software, developed in collaboration with the University of Padua. Based on several variables (structural materials, presence of transparent surfaces, area of the space involved and intended use), and using a complex mathematical calculation, we can obtain an estimate of the soundproofing material required to eliminate or reduce the reverberation disturbance.

Together we create a sound-design environment: a space that is both beautiful and acoustically comfortable.

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