Sound-absorbing wall panels

Disruptive background noise is often an issue in an enclosed space containing a large number of people. This is a common problem in restaurants, conference rooms, and offices, where many people are talking, sharing ideas, making phone calls and working. This background noise is called reverberation, a factor that negatively affects concentration and productivity. It forces us to raise our voices to drown out the noise and be heard, even by someone right next to us, creating a crescendo of more noise and reverberation.

We solve the problem of reverberation

LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels for interior spaces and sound-absorbing furniture solve the problem of reverberation and improve the quality of time spent in workplace or leisure settings.

Aesthetics and acoustics in perfect harmony

Who says that sound-absorbing panels have to be square or rectangular, bland and boring?

LvB Italia features artistic sound-absorbing panels with names and shapes inspired by the world of music, each with its own personality and tone: Concerto, Operetta, Overture, Preludio, Ottava, Quartetto, Melodia, Soprano, Croma, Variazione.

And what if you’re looking for tailor-made sound-absorbing panels?

Customizable sound-absorbing panels: for those who like to sing their own tune

Just like every melody is unique, every environment also has its own specific acoustic needs, style and character. So why not break away from the traditional archetypes of sound-absorbing panels?

Our colored sound-absorbing panels can be customized in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and print designs. We create custom-made sound-absorbing panels in any size and thickness to perfectly adapt to your needs and their intended environment. They are also available with removable upholstery coverings and a wide palette of fabric colors so you can change the look whenever you want.

We improve acoustics and create environmental comfort

LvB products are designed to enhance physical and mental well-being.

Reverberation is not the only problem that our decorative sound-absorbing panels can solve. We create combinations that involve all the senses, even sight and smell.

Our professional sound-absorbing panels are designed to seamlessly adapt to any space and integrate with other accessories, to achieve optimal environmental comfort. You can choose to install invisible speakers into the sound-absorbing panels to play music, incorporate fragrance diffusers, or even turn your panels into works of art with sharp, clear printing. You can also transform them into stylish light fixtures by adding LED or RGB lighting and choose the color or adjust the brightness with a remote dimmer switch.

Not just panels, but also sound-absorbing furniture

Acoustic comfort alone is like an unfinished symphony: incomplete. For this reason we have combined the enjoyment of a reverberation-free environment with physical comfort and convenience by creating sound-absorbing furniture.

Eff is our acoustic sofa, cleverly designed to create a private space where you can isolate yourself from outside noise, take a break or chat, without interference.

To complete our line of sound-absorbing furniture we offer the Soprano office phone booth: once it is hung on the wall, you can make phone calls without being disrupted by background noises and without disturbing those around you.

LvB Italia professional sound-absorbing panels: a sustainable choice

At LvB Italia , we believe that environmental comfort is a very broad concept. It goes beyond the walls of a building, involves us all and also impacts on the protection of our ecosystems.

For this reason, all our products are made with recycled and recyclable plastic PET fibers from recovered plastic water bottles.
In addition, for our upholstery and removable covers, we choose only 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics.