Sound-absorbing panels
for hotels

Welcome to a unique acoustic experience

Noisy guests in neighboring rooms, chatty diners, loud business meetings: it doesn’t take much to create chaos in a hotel.

During their vacation, your guests want peace, quiet and relaxation. In common areas like a lobby, conference room or restaurant, even just a few people on the phone or conversing can create a buzz of voices, background noises and reverberation, disturbances that even proper hotel soundproofing cannot prevent.

Noise, even low-intensity sounds, can be amplified by reflective surfaces, like marble, concrete or glass. This problem can be easily solved thanks to LvB Italia panels for hotels.

From guest rooms to common areas: how to achieve acoustic comfort in a hotel?

Silence is golden, especially when you are on vacation or returning to your room after a meeting or business function.

Acoustic comfort is one the most important evaluation criteria for your customers and is regulated by Italian law (DPCM 5/12/97) [Prime Ministerial Decree of December 5, 1997]. Despite this, there are many hotels that do not respect these regulations. However, we are certain that, unlike them, you take the well-being of your guests very seriously!

Installing LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels in your hotel rooms, hallways and common areas has many benefits: they eliminate the problem of sound reverberation, reduce the amplification of annoying noises and add character to your hotel decor.

Acoustic performance combined with beauty

Our sound-absorbing panels are extremely versatile. They can be customized to suit your needs because we can tailor-make them for you: from the color, to the cladding to the integration of other accessories.

Lights, high-resolution prints, fragrance diffusers, stabilized acoustic moss, that can be applied to the ceiling or walls, and wheels so they can be moved where and when they are needed. You have chosen an identity for your hotel, so you can also choose the perfect sound-absorbing panels, because we will customize them to your specifications.

Finally, a solution to the problem of noise reverberation!