Rectangular sound-absorbing panels

Reorganize your spaces and get rid of noise

Our rectangular sound-absorbing panels are one of the standout products in our catalog and are completely customizable. We devise and design the best solution to eliminate reverberation in any environment and perfectly meet your aesthetic needs.

Our rectangular sound-absorbing panels can be fitted with LED pot lights, speakers and fragrance diffusers. In this way, you will have not just a sound-absorbing panel, but rather, a complete solution that will enhance environmental comfort in every part of your space.

As for the upholstery, you can give full rein to your imagination: choose among our many and varied recycled and recyclable fabrics or print your preferred images and designs in high definition. And if you like to change up the look of your office, conference rooms or restaurant dining area, you can opt for the removable cover version of our products.

Here are the rectangular sound-absorbing panels that you can choose from and customize:

  • A composition of linear elements made up of narrow, sound-absorbing rectangular panels that call to mind the keys of a piano. They can be arranged horizontally or vertically, to create new compositions;
  • Freestanding rectangular panels that, because they are standing panels and feature connecting zippers, allow you to create unique combinations to customize and define your spaces, , even within large rooms and open areas, along with the smaller desk-mounted version, Operetta;
  • The sound-absorbing panel in stabilized moss that adds a little greenery to any environment and eliminates reverberation at the same time;
  • The ceiling acoustic panel that plays with heights and is also available in a version with integrated LED lights, Preludio Notturno.

Discover our solutions for eliminating reverberation and background noise: contact us for a free consultation!

Rectangular panels

Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - SONATA
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - QUARTETTO
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - OPERA