Acoustic calculation

We deal with the acoustics of any environment

How good are your math skills? It seems impossible to bridge two concepts as far apart as acoustics and environmental comfort but they are actually more closely related and more connected that you would imagine. In reality, it is indeed a question of the laws of physics, but also of aesthetic impact.

Even the most functional and modern meeting rooms or the most beautiful restaurant dining rooms can be negatively affected by poor acoustic quality. And, as is the case for all mathematical operations, when calculating the acoustics of closed spaces, there are different variables to consider for “the numbers to add up.”

How is an acoustic calculation performed?

Acoustics is a science that is continuously evolving. There are many scenarios regarding sound propagation in closed environments, for the very reason that every room and every building has unique characteristics that are never identical to those of other rooms and other buildings.

As a result, over the years, experts have developed acoustic calculation models that give very reliable results for the design of acoustic environments.

Based on these models and the amount of data presented in the literature on acoustics, thanks to our collaboration with the University of Padua, we have developed software that allows us to perform all the calculations necessary to obtain an acoustic assessment for any type of environment.

By determining several variables for the environment in question, like size, intended use and the construction materials used for the roof, walls and floors, we can obtain an estimate of the quantity of sound-absorbing material required to reduce the reverberation time.

Based on the results from the acoustic absorption calculation, we can design and create customized projects for every need.

The importance of the calculation of acoustic absorption for environmental comfort

The goal of LvB Italia is to create environmental comfort. With this in mind, it is essential to consider not only the soundproofing of a room from outside noise, but to also ensure that certain inside requirements are met, such as: the attenuation of background noises, the reduction of reverberation, the aesthetic appeal, the quality of lighting, the clearness of sound, and much more!

LvB Italia sound-absorbing panels will solve the problem of reverberation and can be customized according to your preferences to create a sound-design environment that involves all the senses. Discover our products!