Acoustic designs for conference rooms

Successful meetings, events and conferences, without  reverberation’ problems

You can organize an event with interesting and innovative content, but if you do that in a room with bad, your meeting will seem bad too!

The secret to a successful conference is to keep the audience’s attention high: the reverb can create annoyng listening problems and make the speaker work uneasy, causing audience to lose interest.

A fundamental role is played by the acoustic design of the conference rooms. In LvB Italia we study the best and tailor-made solution for each type of room and according to the events that will take place.

How to solve acoustic problems in conference rooms

The correct arrangement of the sound-absorbing panels eliminate the reverberation problem in easy way and without structural work.

In LvB Italia everything starts from the acoustic calculation: knowing the size and materials of the room, allow us to define precisely the amount of sound-absorbing material needed and with our know out we can suggest the best layout.

The preferred solutions for those who have already relied on our tailor-made services are wall or ceiling sound-absorbing panels. You can choose the shape, size and fabric and color of the upholstery; in addition, you can choose to integrate loudspeakers, LED spotlights and fragrance diffusers to give an original touch to the conference room and improve the ambient comfort at 360 °.

Solve the reverb problem: contact us for a free calculation!