Sound-absorbing desk panels

Work closely together, without distracting each other

Being able to work in close contact with your colleagues and employees is an experience that promotes learning, sharing and professional development.

Phone calls, meetings, interviews or breaks: we all spend our work time performing a variety of different activities. However, to be able to concentrate at our workstation or in the office, we need an environment free of background noises and acoustic interference. To respond to this important need, LvB Italia has studied and designed sound-absorbing desk panels that that reduce annoying reverberation without isolating workstations and the people who use them.

Depending on the requirements of the environment where they will be installed and the type of work performed there, we implement specific projects for open spaces of any size, shared offices, co-working spaces and call centers.

Operetta is a rectangular, metal-framed sound-absorbing desk panel that allows you to create pleasant workstations, without barriers, while adding a touch of color to the space, by simply attaching it to the desk with the mounting hardware.

Like all LvB Italia products, our sound-absorbing desk panels are completely customizable. Choose the size and fabric to express your company’s identity, because details make all the difference in creating a pleasant place to spend the work day.

Create a comfortable work environment with our products: discover the sound-absorbing panels that are right for you and contact us for a free consultation.

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