Sound-absorbing panels
for public places

There’s one thing that bars, cafes, night clubs, public offices, restaurants and hotel lobbies have in common: reverberation.

In fact, when many people share a public space, background noise increases, creating an uncomfortable situation that can ruin a dining experience, an evening out, a work meeting or a vacation.

LvB Italia can easily solve this problem because we design tailor-made acoustic solutions for public places. We will be at your side supporting you every step of the way, from the preliminary analysis to the installation.

Reverberation: a problem that can be solved

The installation of our sound-absorbing panels for public places is not invasive and can be performed even in existing spaces: no structural modifications are required and the work is completed in a very short time.

You can choose the design that’s right for you from our catalog or create your own customized sound-absorbing panel.

Our panels eliminate the problem of background noise and, at the same time, enhance your space or add a unique aesthetic touch to your environment, whether it’s a public office, restaurant, pub or hotel.

For example, you can choose sound-absorbing wall panels that perfectly adapt to the style of your venue, or distinctive panels that stand out, thanks to the possibility of being able customize the colors, prints, shapes and sizes.

Discover our sound-absorbing panels for public places

Some of the choices we offer are:

  • Sonata: a linear composition of rectangular sound-absorbing panels that calls to mind the keys of a piano and plays with the geometric elements of your venue;
  • Mosso: a sound-absorbing panel in stabilized moss that brings a touch of greenery to your indoor space;
  • Melodia: a round or oval panel that can be attached to the wall with Velcro or to the ceiling with steel cables or magnets.

An aesthetically pleasing alternative is to mount the sound-absorbing panels by hooking them directly to the ceiling or using adjustable steel suspension cables like in the case of Preludio: in this way, you can integrate LED lights and pot lights or speakers, to create complete environmental comfort.

Improve the acoustics of you work environment and create a pleasant atmosphere even for your customers: contact us to discover what we can do for you!