Acoustic designs
for restaurants

Dining out without reverberation

One of the main factors that affect a restaurant’s reputation, besides the quality of the food and service, is the acoustic comfort of the environment.

In a room where there is a lot of background noise, caused by conversations or the clattering of dishes and glasses, patrons are forced to raise their voices, ruining the entire dining experience. A study conducted by AOHL UK revealed that 62% of customers would not return to a restaurant if they consider it to be noisy.

Therefore, in addition to focusing on the service offered and the organization of spaces, it is fundamentally important to plan the acoustic design of a restaurant. At LvB Italia, we design and create custom-made acoustic solutions for restaurants, with the two-fold purpose of improving the reverberation time, while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the internal space.

Acoustic solutions for restaurants: a matter of privacy

No one likes to have to raise their voice to be heard by table companions and, at the same time, no one enjoys being drowned out by the conversations at other tables. The installation of sound-absorbing panels can eliminate this problem and reduce the reverberation time in restaurants.

Starting with a measurement of the surfaces and an analysis of the structural materials present inside a restaurant dining room, LvB Italia designs projects to improve the overall comfort of any type of environment!

In addition, you can choose and create the sound-absorbing panels for your restaurant that are right for you. You can customize the size, shape, thickness and color of the upholstery fabric, add high-resolution printing with images of your choice to transform them into paintings, incorporate aesthetically pleasing speakers, or even integrate LED lighting to increase light sources or give a soft atmosphere to your restaurant dining room.

Discover how we can improve the environmental comfort of your restaurant: contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation!