Sound-absorbing ceiling panels

Eliminate the problem of reverberation

Our decorative sound-absorbing ceiling panels are the result of precise acoustic and environmental comfort studies and perfectly meet the main requirement of people when they are in a shared environment: feeling good, with no disruptions.

Spending a lot of time in a loud environment, with continuous background noise can, in fact, have a negative impact on a person’s well-being, both in public venues, like bars or restaurants, and privates spaces, like large open-plan offices.

LvB Italia ceiling panels improve both acoustic and visual environmental comfort: you will immediately hear and see the difference.

Completely customizable and available in a variety of shapes, sizes and upholstery options, the ceiling sound-absorbing panels found in this section are much more than a simple solution to the problem of reverberation. They can be attached directly to the ceiling or hung with adjustable steel cables, over tables and desks, for example.

Choose the panel that best suits your space from Quartetto, a square or rectangular panel, Preludio, a double-sided baffle ceiling panel, and Melodia, a round or oval panel.

You can integrate LED lighting systems, transforming the panels into stylish light fixtures, or incorporate invisible speakers to diffuse music throughout the spaces, without compromising aesthetics. In addition, you can transform the ceiling sound-absorbing panels into elegant fragrance diffusers.

Improve the way you experience environments, discover the model of sound-absorbing panels that best suits your needs and request a free consultation!

Ceiling panels

Pannelli fonoassorbenti design - Pannelli fonoassorbenti decorativi moderni di design
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - QUARTETTO
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - CONCERTO
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - OTTAVA
Pannelli decorativi fonoassorbenti moderni di design - MELODIA