Acoustic designs
for open-plan spaces

Lots of space, zero reverberation

Open-plan office spaces are becoming increasingly common and popular due to their versatility and modern aesthetic look.

They consist of heavily used areas where many people are concentrated in an open space, often constructed with highly reflective materials. For this reason, the sound reverberation time inside these spaces is very high. This fact has a significant impact on the well-being and concentration of those who work in and open-plan space. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to develop an appropriate acoustic design for the open spaces.

Acoustic improvement of open-plan spaces with LvB Italia

Solving the problem of reverberation is fast and easy: the acoustic analysis and installation of sound-absorbing panels are not invasive and do not require structural modifications of the environment.

By knowing the size of the space and the materials used in the intended installation areas, our technicians can perform an accurate acoustic analysis aimed at reducing the reverberation time. We offer tailor-made solutions that allow you to customize every detail : from dimensions to aesthetic impact, thanks to a choice of different sizes, shapes and fabrics for our sound-absorbing panels.

You can choose from desk, ceiling, wall or freestanding sound-absorbing panels which can be fixed or portable, so they can be moved wherever and whenever they are needed.

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